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My name is Joshua and my friends call me "Gabe", I've been rocking world class video productions since I started in the world of broadcasting in 1994. I've worked in broadcasting for a long time, including radio stations like WZBB-FM, WFIR-AM, WXLK-FM, television station WSLS, WFXR and private outlets like Cendrick Enterprises, Gabriel Productions and Smart Business Development. I even worked in Hollywood, NYC, Orlando and I also owned my own production company in the valley, Weddings in Roanoke. Today, I take on smaller, quality projects, part-time and I enjoy designing award winning films too, I have several under my belt over the years.

We cover all of SWVA including Roanoke, Lynchburg, the New River Valley, Covington and entire state of Virginia too! Thank you so much for checking out the website, feel free to contect me if you have a local video need. Learn more about us by clicking here.

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Why Hiring a Make-Up Artist Will Change Your World!

Why YOU Should Hire a Make-Up Artist for Your Wedding Day!

Here in our little corner of Virginia, we love to have weddings and it shows! According to the VA Dept of Health Vital Records, Southwestern Virginia sees on average 288 weddings on a given weekend, that's nearly 15,000 couples and that's out of a bigger 55,000 weddings annually for the Commonwealth of Virginia!

That being said, you as a bride want to feel like you're truly one in a million and what better way to do that by hiring a make-up artist!

As a professional wedding videographer, I've seen time and time again the difference that a make-up artist can make in a bride's overall attitude during the wedding day

Today, I want to share with you a few tidbits on why you should consider hiring a make-up artist, to begin with!

Be Stress-Free

I truly understand that a bride is stressed beyond belief and there is so much riding on the wedding day is perfect.

One of the BEST things that you can do for yourself is to hire a professional to come onsite and do your makeup as well as your bridesmaids. 

Doing this will help make your day stress free. You shouldn’t have to spend time worrying if your eyeliner is straight while ensuring that your vendors deliver on time. 

Any reputable artist that is a professional will meet with you prior to your wedding day to do a trial run of the makeup look or hairstyle you want. On the day-of, your beauty team rolls in, on location, and knows your skin type, your desired outcome, your theme, and any complications in the trial.

Professional Grade Products that Last 

Another great thing about hiring a pro is that they're going to use true quality and expensive products that will last all day!

You wouldn't believe how many time on the video that I've captured a brides makeup washing off at a reception because they were hot, sweaty or just hugging lots of people and it rubbing off. 

Like it or not, there is a big difference behind mainstream, less expensive makeup and hair products vs. professional grade products that have been engineered for specific applications. 

Since makeup artists apply cosmetics for a living and hair stylists test the quality of hair products every single day, most have a kit stocked with high quality (and possibly very expensive) products that are designed for wearability and flexibility that you may not own or be able to afford. 

Not to mention, most artists endure years of professional training to keep up with the trends, techniques, and industry concerns. You simply can't put a price on their experience or the luxury and intimacy of having them apply it and perfect it. It is after all, what they live for - your beauty. 

Wedding Day Experience

This is one of the most important pieces since the bulk of your day will be spent saying "CHEESE".

Experienced makeup artists and hair stylists will sculpt your look using contouring techniques to add the illusion of depth in 2-dimensional photographs and in real life. 

You instantly turn into a 2-dimensional image instead of a 3-dimensional being when your photo is taken. If you choose to not use a makeup artist or hair stylist, you're likely to be a flat image in your captured memories. 

If you use a makeup artist that is not experienced, or your makeup and hair are applied and styled improperly, you'll also appear flat and in some bad cases that we've seen - orange! Lastly, you don't want to appear shiny, gray, over, or underdone. Perfection is the key. You are perfect, right?

Finally, friends, I want you to know that I've seen SO many brides in my videos have an orange tint to them that I've had to adjust my coloring in the video so they don't appear to be so, well - orange! Please do yourself a favor and hire a local make-up artist here in the area.

If you don't know of one, I would recommend hiring Amanda McCoy or Jolina Goad. I've worked with both ladies over the years and I would highly recommend them both!

If You're Getting Married in SWVA, PLEASE Do This!

If You're Getting Married in SWVA, PLEASE Do This!

Hi friends, thanks again for checking out my weekly blog on the wedding video website. As a wedding vendor that has nearly 20 years of experience under my belt, I can tell you time and time again, I see that couples have a huge challenge ahead of them when putting on a wedding. Today, I want to share with you the ONE THING that I would ask that you spend some money on and no it's not a wedding video! (although it should be hehe)

Wedding Planner

Hire a wedding planner plain and simple. Listen, I understand that wedding can sometimes be overwhelming, expensive and a draining task just to pull everything together, but if it's one thing that I've learned over the years it's this: 

Those that hire a wedding planner have a much smoother, easier wedding then couples that skip the wedding planner. Why? From a wedding vendor point of view, that's easy, wedding planners are like music conductors, without them, us vendors have no guidance on whats' to come next or the timing of when we should be doing our jobs. Do me a favor, hire a planner! ~ RoanokeVideo.com Owner Joshua Gabrielson

Wedding planners have many advantages and from where I stand I look to them to give me information on what is happening next or if there needs to be an adjustment on something on a schedule. Without wedding planners, wedding vendors like myself are just blindly doing their jobs. 

Other advantages

Sometimes couples always see the bigger picture when it comes to what wedding vendors do, I mean they're busy getting married and we're helping bring everything together. Wedding planners have some other great advantages too. 

First, they're able to help connect the couple to other vendors such as myself, see they work in the business full time and they will be able to help guide you to the right wedding vendor for your wedding, be it a florist, photographer or a wedding videographer such as myself. 

The other great thing about wedding planners is that they help troubleshoot issues at the wedding or reception. 

If your divorced parents don't get along per say, a wedding planner can help nip the tension by separating them at the ceremony or if someone needs assistance, such as an elderly couple being seated near the exit,  your planner will keep that in mind. 

Also, some wedding planners have "emergency kits" that can help save the day. Forgot your lighters for the candles, they can use the kit. Maybe the dress has some hanging threads or moms dress ripped before the wedding, the emergency kit again comes to the rescue. Think of it as a tackle box of saving grace!

Not every wedding planner has a kit, but many do and it has everything from candles, first aid, hairspray and makeup basics to mints and smelling salts in case someone faints.  I highly recommend you hire a planner that offers one of these emergency kits at no charge. 

Finally, a wedding planner can help keep everything together so you can enjoy the day, after all, your wedding will go by SO fast that much will be a blur, thus why you need a wedding video to remember everything and see things that you didn't get too on your day too. (Okay, so it did come back to hiring me for your wedding after all, huh, lol)

The Biggest Regrets That Couples Had for their Wedding Day in SWVA

What Most Newlywed's Regret NOT doing at Their Wedding

Getting married can be a challenge wading through all the vendors, budgets, and family drama that can sometimes get in the way. 

As a well-seasoned videographer here in the Roanoke Valley, I've seen just about everything under the sun when it comes to weddings and I do lots of research in my spare time to figure out what couple like and didn't like about their wedding. 

Well, if you follow my webpage here, then you'll note that a few months ago I asked couples here in our area about their wedding experience, either those in the process of getting married or those that were already married. 

Today, I'd like to share with you those results and give you some valuable feedback on what couples in Southwestern Virginia wish they had done.  

Wish They Knew Before Hand

Of the nearly 487 couples that took our annual survey this year, we found again for the 7th year in the row in our survey the number one thing couples wish they had, a wedding video. 

#1 Regret 
76% of couples married wish they had hired a wedding videographer. The main reason, they said it beings a 3rd dimension to the wedding, you can see in motion and hear everything, unlike photos which they said it was more of a 2D or 2-dimensional point of view. 

When asked why they didn't hire a wedding videographer, to begin with, nearly 44% said they didn't think about it while those that did said they thought it was too expensive. (Actually, Roanoke Video is the value leader in wedding films in our area and is comparable to anyone in our market, visit our wedding page to see our prices starting at just $425. Yes, $425.)

Having a wedding film is by far the most important piece of the wedding, yet it's overlooked time and time again. ~ Joshua Gabrielson Owner | Roanoke Video

#2 Regret

Another thing that couples said they regret was drinking too much and drinking too early. Almost 68% of couples said they wish they had not drunk anything until after their dinner service. Most said they started drinking too early in the morning before their ceremony. 

#3 Regret  

Coming in at number 3 on our list is the toast or lack thereof by the couple themselves. Many couples in our survey wish they had given a toast to their parents at the wedding for helping guide them through the wedding day itself but almost 62% of couples didn't give that any thought. 

Many couples didn't think about also allowing their parents to give a speech considering they had perhaps helped pay for the wedding or was a large part in helping to organize it. 

#4 Regret

Wishing the couple had hired a Wedding planner came in at number 4 on the list and 59% of our local couples surveyed wished they hired someone professional to do their wedding. That means that almost 6 in 10 couples had a family member or someone else helps direct the wedding or simply didn't have anyone at all. 

While wedding planners are plentiful in our area, I recommend hiring one just to keep the flow of the wedding going. Additionally, they are a huge help with vendors like myself, wedding photographers, catering folks and others that are apart of the big day. 

#5 Regret

Couples having regrets with more candid and more variations of family pictures together came in at number 5 with 39%. 

When asked to be more specific about their answer, many brides said they wished they had pictures with single siblings, with each parent separate etc, instead of group family pictures. 

Couples also indicated they wish they had a better variety of images during the wedding. 

They wish they had candid images of the couple themselves without it being faked, almost if the couple was the only ones around, kissing each other, holding each other and the like. 

The Other Top 5 Regrets

Other regrets couples talked about included wishing they had bought a wedding dress from a local shop, not a national chain, wishing they had sampled the caterers food, wishing they picked a better DJ for their reception, wishing they had spent less on a wedding venue and live streaming the ceremony for their grandparents and great-grandparents that couldn't attend in person rounded up the top 10. 

34% Buying the Wedding Dress Locally instead of a national chain
29% Wishing they tatsted the cater's food before hiring
22% Wishing they hired a better DJ for the wedding
19% Picking a less expensive wedding venue in the Roanoke Valley
9% Wishing they had live streamed the wedding for family that couldn't attend

Be sure to check back often on the website here for great tips, insights and Roanoke area wedding trends that I provide to couples on a regular basis!

The Best Wedding Catering in the Roanoke Valley

The Best Wedding Catering in SWVA

As a life long wedding professional, I've worked with MANY wedding vendors. Some are great to work with, some, eh, well you just want to do your best to stay away from. One of the most popular types of wedding vendors on the market is the wedding caterer. With a slue of budgets, styles and menu items list to choose from, it can be a truly large task of finding just the right one. 

Over the years, one company that I've worked with time and time again sticks out and that company is Pumpernickel Pickle. My friends at the company provide some of the best foods that I'd had in the area. I particularly enjoy their appetizers, antipasto display of jalapeno and cheddar sausages with slices of over-sized pepperoni, salami, and thinly sliced prosciutto along with fresh made mozzarella and provolone cheeses. 

Yes, I know that's a mouth full, but some of their displays are just as amazing as their taste in quality. 

One of the other things I like about Sarah and her team is that they also offer some pretty neat rentals for your wedding day too. From fancy china to some very neat retro couches, sequin linens and antique furniture, they have a large amount of those specialty items you can rent that can bring out your special day!

Be sure to check out their website and Facebook Page for more information on booking with them. 

Best Wedding Officiant in Roanoke VA

Who's the BEST Wedding Officiant in the Roanoke Valley?  

Listen, we all have a little bias when it comes to being the best of the best in our industry, but we truly enjoy working with others that have passion as much as us when it comes to filming weddings. 

In our series, the Best Wedding Vendors in Roanoke, we are giving some mad props to those that we enjoy working with and go above and beyond the call of duty with being a wedding vendor. 

Wedding Officiant 

I've worked with many officiants over the years and the one person that keeps coming back to mind is none other than Casey Anderson. Casey is a dedicated officiant that actually did my own wedding a few years ago. 

He really takes the time to get to know his clients and he creates some amazing speeches that make you cry when you hear them. Just watch this film that he narrates, click the image below to watch.


One of the best things about Casey is that he truly dedicated to providing the best possible ceremonies out there. I've had the privilege to work with Casey many times over the years and his craft is by far the best you can get within the Roanoke Valley.

Don't just take if from me as a wedding videographer, here are some reviews from recent couples he's married.

Amy Cole~
Casey officiated our wedding in April of this year and we couldn't have been more pleased! We had an outdoor wedding, but still wanted there to be religious aspects and Casey was very accommodating. He was wonderful to work with throughout the process! Casey provides his outline for the ceremony and we made our own changes to fit exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend Casey as an officiant for any type of wedding ceremony!
Kate Buckley~
Casey did an incredible job for our wedding in April! He made my (now) husband and I feel so comfortable during the whole process. He was very thorough and helpful when it came to making every detail of our ceremony seamless. What he wrote was absolutely beautiful as well. We are so lucky to have found Casey and would 100% recommend him to anyone and everyone! Thanks again Casey.
Sameria Pierce~Casey was so easy to work with! He was transparent about the price, and was willing to meet up in person or talk on the phone if we had any questions. Above all, he wanted the ceremony to be whatever we needed it to be.
The wedding day was no stress at all, and Casey was a huge part of that. He was funny and kept everyone engaged. It was just a really nice day. Thanks again!

Cara Crawford~Casey was great to work with, very flexible, affordable, and always willing to get together and talk about your ceremony. He will tailor your wedding to you, and your journey as a couple, making it very personalized and unique. He is open to all views, religions of any kind, or non-religious wedding if that is your choice. His aim is truly to make your wedding a special day for you and your spouse to be, and he certainly did that for my husband and I. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding officiant!

Jen Dant Sowers~Casey was great! He was very professional while making you feel completely comfortable on a day when your emotions are extremely high and all over the place. He went with the flow and even went with a minor change of plans that I decided about the ceremony 4 hours before it started

You can reach Casey on his Facebook page, call him at (540)-467-6858 or send him an email at caseyandersonweddings@yahoo.com.

Black Friday Wedding Video Special

Once a Year Wedding Video Special $999

Roanoke Video is pleased to offer our annual Black Friday Wedding Video Special. This limited time offer is a special wedding video package for such an incredible price, passing it up would be completely insane!

This package you get the following: 

  • Traditional Full Day Film
    • Pre-wedding montage
    • Fully edited ceremony with Two camera setup and wireless mic
    • Two hours before ceremony arrival time
    • Wedding to reception montage
    • Wedding reception highlights
    • Reception footage of guests
    • Closing montage
    • Drone Aerial footage of venue included*
    • Filmed in 1080HD 30 FPS
    • Copy on USB memory stick
This great package is a limited time offer at just $999, normally retails for $1,250.


You get $1,450 worth of wedding video services for a flat rate of just $999! 

If you meet with us during the month of November 2018, you can lock in your price savings!

Send us an email today to set up your appointment and lock in your wedding film!

*location and weather conditions permitting. Can not combine with any other offer. First come, first serve on your wedding date. Must be getting married in 2019 or 2020.

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