Cinematic Full Day Film Package

Cinematic Full Day Package 

This is more popular option for cinematic films here in Southwestern Virginia. Its a fully developed film, complete with the two letters read on film using two cameras, custom background music and it's filled with various shots from the entire day.  This film also comes with the optional drone upgrade included.

Usually, the film can range anywhere from 7-16 minutes in length depending on the letters and the amount of content for the day. On Average, the films are bout 12 minutes in length.

In addition to receiving the film on a USB memory stick, you will also get an edited copy of the ceremony separate from film.

We use two cameras, a main and static wide shot, along with the wireless microphone to be able to hear the audio between you, your spouse and the pastor.

INCLUDED in this package is a FREE "How We Met" film, its a small 1-2 minute film about how you met as a couple that you use on social media. That's a $250 value. Click here to see a sample of a "How We Met" film.

Prices starting at $1,750

This package includes:

  • Optional Drone footage included (if weather conditions permit)
  • Joshua and female assistant
  • All day shoot, two hours before ceremony until couple leaves if there is an exit 
  • Two cameras during ceremony
  • Custom music for film
  • Letters read on film and other sound bites of pastor or people giving toasts
  • One USB Copy of Film
  • Also, One copy of the ceremony edited by itself
  • FREE How We Met Video

Ask us about our discounts and promotions that can make it even more affordable too!


Options include the following:

  • Additional Camera/ operator for day 
  • 12ft Crane for Ceremony plus operator 
  • Film upgrade to 4k Video 
  • LIVE Streaming on YouTube/Facebook
  • Copyright Release 
  • Additional USB Memory Stick Copy 

Drop me an email if you would like to meet in person over coffee or just to get the price list and  I can help you create a wonderful wedding film package that's fair in price and pleasing to watch for decades to come!

Watch a sample film here: 

Roanoke Wedding Film Samples

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