Traditional Ceremony Only Package

Traditional Ceremony Package 

We start with a wedding opener (Drone is optional) complete with the wedding venue, shots of the decor, flowers, both couples getting ready for the day, people setting up the venue and gather the overall feel of the day. The wedding opener is setup to custom music and is a great way to show how everything comes together.

One the opener is complete, we use a two camera shoot in order to record the wedding and edit with. In addition, we place a wireless microphone on the officiant or pastor in order to gather the audio from both parties as well as the officiant/pastor.

This is a budget friendly service and it's a great option for people looking to professionally capture the day without breaking the budget. If you're looking for just the ceremony only with no frills, learn more about our Simple Wedding Package.

Priced Right at $650

This package includes the following:

  • Wedding Opener that is typically 2-4 minutes in length with music and editing
  • Wedding ceremony with two cameras and wireless microphone. Fully edited
  • One USB copy of the wedding video
  • Filmed in 1080HD (24fps)

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