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I've been filming for such a long time, weddings in Roanoke are second nature to me.

After a couple of years being out of the video business with my old brand, Weddings In Roanoke, I've decided to take another crack at filming, this time however I'm working part-time and on a limited availability too.

I'm happy to focus on no more than 15 weddings per year, only filming cinematic style shoots with all 4K video equipment.

Since I started working in broadcasting in late 1993 at Channel 12 in Redwood, Virginia and moving my way up to WSLS then to Cendrick Enterprises, I was fortunate enough to become my own boss in the early 2010's.

Today, I take on a much more subtle approach to a couple wedding in Roanoke and the Roanoke Valley.

No more wedding shows, no more big time budgets, although the equipment hasn't gotten any cheaper, running Roanoke Video in my spare time has allowed me to take a smarter approach to my films and thus giving me a better sense of quality when it comes to the films.


How long have you been filming weddings? 

While I started in the business in late 1993 (start of 1994), I didn't start filming weddings until 1999 when I did work for Cendrick Enterprises in Salem, VA.

How many weddings have you filmed over the years? 

I've covered almost 500 since 1999, 483 (as of this writing in April 2018) to be exact. When I started we had S-VHS camcorder that weighed about 30 pounds each and carrying them on your shoulder would kill your shoulders and back after about 25-30 minutes time. The technology has changed dramatically since the days of video tape.

You talked about the larger cameras, is that what you use today? 

I finally made the switch to complete DSLR cameras in 2014 actually. The technology has become much better with larger image sensors that are affordable and the type of DSLR series I use, Panasonic FZ-1000 and Panasonic GH4 offers a clearer and sharper image than traditional camcorders even today.

Because we film cinematic style wedding videos, we only shoot in 24 frames per second, the same as a Hollywood movie, it gives a more cinematic effect.

We shoot in full 1080HD and we also offer 4K for an upgrade.

Do you outsource any of your films? 

No, not anymore.

Today, I film each wedding myself, although I do have an optional assistant that can grab some B roll shots and help out but I am the main cameraman and editor of the film.

For example, some brides feel more comfortable with having a lady in the room rather than a man when getting ready.

Otherwise, I shoot everything and I also edit everything in house.

Do you film LGBT weddings? 

Yup, sure do. While I'm religious, what you do in your own bedroom is your own business, I have no problems filming LGBT couples and I have filmed several over the years.

Do you film Weddings in Roanoke or do you go beyond? 

I actually travel all 50 states in order to film weddings. While my old focus was Roanoke, I actually film weddings nationwide and I get a lot of requests too. I've shot weddings from Florida to Key West, California to Grand Cayman Island.

You said you're limited to 15 weddings per year. Why? 

Well, For a couple of reasons.

First, when you film full time, you get burnt out quickly.

During any given week, you're filming business and corporate films and other projects, then the weekend your the hired help filming weddings.
Very little downtime and that can translate into sometimes sloppy work, lots of stress and urgency to take on as much work as you can to pay the bills.

I chose 15 weddings per year so I can make quality films over quantity. Second, like many other vendors in the wedding business, I work a full time job and I enjoy what I do.

Do you have some samples of your works? 

Yes, You can visit the following links to check out some wedding samples and other work Ive done.
Do you edit your weddings too? 

Yes, I fully edit each one with professional music that fits the couples tone. I use a wireless mic on the pastor for audio and we also use it when we film each interview. We use filters, sometimes lighting and other special effects to make the film really pop.

I have a super computer that I use to edit. The specs for the nerd types that want to know, iCore7 X processor, 6 core, 32Gb Ram, 3 -1TB Solid State HD's, 3Gb 750X Pro Video card and I use Adobe Creative Cloud for editing with a Elements version as a backup.

What was your best wedding and why? 

Most likely it was the Cooper wedding at Sundara in Boones Mill, VA . The couple was so loving and very fun to hang with and they really made me feel like I was there to be apart of their wedding, not so much the hired help. I think the film reflects the style too, I had so much fun shooting the wedding that I almost forgot I was there to work it.

I see you use a drone, are you licensed to use one? 

Yes, Actually I was one of the first in the nation to get my FAA wavier. While I've had custom built drones and DJI drones, today, I use a much smaller DJI Drone for effects in my films and they are a small upgrade to use in your film.

Do you require a contract or deposit?

Yes, we do require both for wedding film services. Deposits are 50% when signing a contract and the remaining one week before the wedding date. Our contract is between you and Joshua himself, with a simple, straight forward contract.

What is your turnaround time for a wedding film typically? 

I do a pretty quick turnaround time-frame, usually within 2-3 weeks if not sooner. Each wedding includes an online copy of your film on YouTube in 1080HD and I will mail you a copy on a UBS memory stick.

Do you offer DVD or BluRay? 

I did at one time however, technology has changed and I no longer offer those formats. DVD is not a HD format and BluRay is slowly dying as 4K and streaming video has taken off in recent years. I do offer your film on a USB memory stick as well as YouTube for FREE, included in any of my wedding film packages.

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