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With 7 billion+ people on the planet, you choose to be with just one, and that one single person chooses to be with just you! I've always found this to be fascinating, beautiful and worth documenting on film. A wedding video done right is much more than capturing the ceremony, the first dance and the cake cutting. I'm a firm believer in capturing your wedding day where it will encapsulate the moments together, the words spoken, those facial expressions given, the tears, the smiles and those connected moments shared. I do more than just make a wedding film, I create a moment in time that builds your relationship, changes your life and shows the beginning of a new foundation, your marriage.

My name is Joshua and I'm a lifelong wedding videographer with hundreds of wedding films in my career. I love weddings, eating Mexican foods and I'm a nerd at heart. Learn more about me by clicking here.


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I Recommend These 3 Types of Wedding Videos

I Recommend These 3 Types of Wedding Videos

There are lots of types of wedding films out there on the market, various styles, prices, and even quality too. 

Well, today I want to share with you the three types that I would recommend based on your wedding budget and explain them in a bit of detail. 

Now, the first thing you need to understand is that no matter what you choose, you always get me, two camera's, a wireless mic and editing included. These are the extreme basics and take one away, well, you can't have a film. 

You'll also get my 10-year replacement warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

The Ceremony Only Video

This is called the SImple Ceremony film and it's just that. For $450, you get your wedding ceremony recorded in 1080p High definition, a wireless mic on the officiant (or an audio recorder if the venue has a soundboard), two professional DSLR's and of course me. You'll get a nicely edited film and I stick it on a private link on YouTube and it includes a nice title screen at the beginning of the video. 

I do recommend spending another $25 and get also a nice wooden USB copy that you can plug into any compatible TV, Mac or PC to view. 

The total for this is going to cost you just $475, perfect for those looking for a wedding video under $500.  Learn more about the film here

The Traditional All Day Film

This is a bit more expensive but it's still a popular choice among couples. This is a film that includes the wedding ceremony just as mentioned above but it also includes the reception with a few montages sprinkled into the video to make it flow better. 

The traditional film can be in length of 1 to 2 hours depending on your wedding day. All the traditional full day films include the following: 

  • A 2-4 minutes pre-wedding opener montage with music
  • Your Ceremony edited with audio
  • A transition montage from the ceremony to reception
  • All the major highlights at the reception including the entrance, first dance, cake cutting, toasts, the garter and bouquet, exit if any, etc. 
  • A 1-minute closing montage
This is priced at $1,250. I do recommend getting the wooden USB stick and also purchase the drone footage if it's available within your area, you'd have to check with me first if I can fly the drone within your venue. 

The grand total for this feature is going to run you $1,375 and you can see that here

Cinematic Film

The most expensive fo the three today, the cinematic film is a short film ranging from 4-16 minutes long and is a highly edited, fast-paced and emotional film. It's also the most popular option in everything that I film. 

It's narrated by the couple, as I often times get them to write letters to each other. For those that don't want that, we can get audio from the officiant, the toasts and even get family or the bridal party to record on film ahead of the wedding day. 

This also includes a separate film of the ceremony so you really get two films in one. it also includes one USB memory stick so you don't need to purchase that, although I do recommend you get the drone footage highlights if possible for another $100. 

The total cost for this option is $1,650. See a sample and learn more about the cinematic film.

Options for Every One

While I could charge more for my films, I'm focused on quality rather than quantity. There are plenty of other professionals that would charge a lot more for their work, I want to offer quality films that couples can enjoy without breaking the bank. 

Why Wedding Videos Can Cost a Lot

Why Wedding Videos Can Cost a Lot

Ah, the wedding video. Sometimes called a wedding film, these are great keepsakes that can provide you with decades of enjoyment reliving your wedding day. But sometimes, the cost can seem a bit daunting, I mean you've already poured thousands into a wedding photographer, why do the same for a video professional? Aren't they the same? 

Well, no, while they are considered distance "cousins" in the technology world, they're very much different in the visual world.

Hiring a professional videographer is a great investment and today I want to share with you why a wedding videographer costs just as much, sometimes more than a wedding photographer. 

Physical Gear

Part of the cost is the amount of gear that a wedding filmmaker needs to bring to the wedding. Unlike a wedding photographer that focuses on just one shot or angle, a videographer will typically have multiple angles that record the wedding ceremony. And of course with that, tripods or monopods, microphones and various inputs too.

It's not uncommon for a ceremony to have the following types of gear:

  • 2-4 Professional DSLR's
  • 2-3 professional tripods
  • 1-2 wireless microphones
  • 1 audio four-track recorder

Now, that's not to include the other gear like a drone, slider, gimbal, lighting and the like too. A good wedding filmmaker is going to have 2-3 bags worth of gear they bring to your wedding.

It costs a lot of money to have gear of a professional caliber and with that, they have to cover costs. On average, a professional is going to have anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 worth of gear if not more.


You're also paying for the experience of the filmmaker. Usually, the most the person has been doing films, the better seasoned they are, thus being able to charge more. The downside of charging more is that the client list shrinks once it gets beyond a select amount.

According to the Knot website, the average price couples are willing to pay for a wedding film is about $1,700. 
Experience is going to come across in the video quality, the editing, and the post-production but it also means the person will have the experience to shoot during the wedding day. Knowing what's to come, being prepared and having the knowledge to get the right shots is important.


Most couples don't even think of the amount of time it takes to create the wedding during post-production. Post is sitting at the edit bay, making copies of the video into the computer, mapping out the hundreds of clips that you have, then picking out music, creating the audio for the story (if it's cinematic) and starting the edit.

Then there is audio mixing, color correction (LUT's), formatting, rendering and dumping into the media. Oh, and if you have any sort of music, then you need to pay for copyright for that, it's usually $50+ per track, per wedding.

Whew, that's a lot! A good wedding film will have about 16 hours or more of post-production. That's on top of the 10-12 hour day of filming that you typically do. A full day wedding film can have 26-40 hours of production altogether. 

If you use the $1,700 national average for wedding films, you're looking at a price range of about $65 to $42.5 per hour. If you have two people filming at the wedding, divide those number by half.

While you might think that $1,500 or $1,700 is a lot of money, in reality, it's not once you consider the cost for the gear, how long the person has been filming and all the man-hours it takes to put something together.

Having a wedding video is something that you shouldn't skip out on because it's not in your budget. Definitely spend the money and hire someone that will provide you with peace of mind with a quality wedding film.

I recommend that you check our my wedding film page. There you can choose a style, then use the online tool to build your wedding, get your estimated price and even submit it to me when you're ready to make a booking with me.

Why ALL Couples NEED a Wedding Film

Why ALL Couples NEED a Wedding Film

"I really love your wedding films, but it's just not within our budget..."

I get statements like that quite often as a professional wedding videographer.

Couples always seem to see us videographers and filmmakers as the low hanging fruit on the wedding tree, we're often times an after the facts or if the "budget allows" vendor, usually the last to book with couples getting married. 

I understand that and I get it, honestly, I do. I've been doing this off and on for nearly 20 some odd years and I the only thing that seems to boggle my mind is that while wedding video seems to be at the bottom of the list, it's often times the most important thing to a couple a year later, 5 years later and 10 years after their wedding day. 

79% of couples that choose not to get a wedding film regret not hiring one a year after their wedding. 91% after 5 years and nearly 96% of couples 10 years after their marriage wish they had a wedding film. 
A Budget for Everyone

One of the things that I've learned over the years is to offer a professional wedding video for all couples regardless of their budget. And that's exactly what I do, I offer a la carte services and video for all price ranges.

I have a Simple Ceremony Video starting at $450, a traditional style video for those looking for something to just cover the day and cinematic films that evoke emotion and create that WOW factor when watched.

Regardless of what your budget allows, I have a wedding video option for you. But why do you need a wedding film in the first place?

This is Why You NEED a Wedding Video

You can relive the day. You can see things that honestly you're going to forget or not even see during your wedding day.

You will be so busy with photos, hugging family, spending time with friends that you will forget most everything about your wedding day and it will be a blur.

And while the photos will be able to tell the story, a video will capture what was said, be able to see that emotion on your face with you see your spouse for the first time at the ceremony, you'll be able to hear the vows and remember what the other one said during the day. 

The medium of video has an enormous amount of power to create an emotional reaction. Photos just cannot do that by themselves. Think about it. When you watch a good film in the theater - or even a cool Superbowl ad - you laugh, you cry, you are MOVED.

A professional wedding video combines the elements of music, sound, and movement in order to accurately document this once-in-a-lifetime day.

Hiring a cinematographer may seem like an extraordinary or "luxury" expense, but in the end, it will actually extend your entire wedding investment by DECADES by preserving these memories in this super effective format.

Having great photographs and a great film go hand-in-hand but each does not "replace" the other. They serve two completely different purposes.

Want to see what a wedding film would cost you, it's more affordable than you might think! Head over to my wedding film page, click on a film type, learn about them then build a custom wedding video right on the page!

3 Things to do if Your Wedding is Snowed Out

3 Things to do if Your Wedding is Snowed Out

So, you've got the dress, hiring the DJ,the catering, the officant, hopefully, hired me, a wedding videographer all for your wedding day, BUT there's an issue, snow! 

What do you do? 

Should you cancel? Can you reschedule it for another day? How will that affect family that comes in from out of town? What about the paid vendors? 

Well, today, I want to help guide you through a snowy wedding day and help you make heads and tails on what you can do in order to best prep for a winter day wedding. 

Step 1: Grab a glass of wine and take a deep breath

Listen, sometimes life happens and it’s beyond your control. Weather events like a hurricane or snow can really put a damper on your wedding day plans but it’s not the end of the world. It will be very stressful from this point forth so remember that no matter what, your wedding is going to happen. 

Step 2: Talk to your wedding vendors 

One of the first things you need to do is contact your wedding venue. You will need to make alternate plans for another day when there isn’t another wedding or event at the venue property. 

Many venues here in the Roanoke valley offer contingency plans for bad weather, allowing the couple to have the wedding on another weekend day or even an evening during the week that will be close to your date. 

This might be on a Wednesday evening or maybe another Saturday two weeks later but talking with the venue about changing days is the first and most important thing to do. 

Once you have locked in your new day with the venue vendor, then you need to contact the other vendors on your list. 

Many of them are going to be able to work with you on the day change. Some vendors offer alternative people that can cover their services if the new date falls on a day where they simply can’t be at your wedding because of other bookings and that does happen on occasion. Some vendors will be able to take the new day with ease.

Depending on the vendor, they might even offer a backing out plan where you can get some or all a refund and hire someone else to do the job, it’s different for everyone. For me, I have an assistant and I have a professional broadcaster friend who has filled in for me before during bad weather and I’m not able to film. While it’s not ideal, it’s better than nothing at all. 

Step 3: Don’t forget your guests 

When having to postpone on short notice, your guests will also be impacted. Guests who were traveling in from out of town, specifically those who would be flying in, may no longer be able to attend on your new date. Give as much notice to your guests as possible allowing them to change plane tickets and cancel hotel rooms or rental cars.

If guests are already in town when you decide to postpone and can’t get home before the storm, consider inviting them to join you at a safe location and ride out the storm with you.

Bonus Tip: Consider another option all together 

If you can’t host your wedding as planned and the option to change the date just won’t work for you, consider moving the whole wedding to another town altogether.

If the bad weather is happening here in the Roanoke Valley, find a city out of the storm’s path and start reaching out to local vendors. Let them know you are moving your wedding there on short
notice due to the storm and see what recommendations they have for you.

Consider other locations like the NRV, Smith Mountain Lake, Lynchburg or Southside (Martinsville/Danville) to have your wedding at if need be.

Even if the first vendors you call aren’t available, they may know of vendors who are and they will have recommendations for out of the box solutions to your problem. For example, a local park that is full of flowering bushes meaning you don’t need a florist.

Or a local restaurant that has a private room meaning you can check off venue, rentals, catering, and bar in one fellow swoop. If you do go with this option, don’t forget to notify all your guests as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly.

Finally, there’s always a way to have your wedding at another location or another day, it’s not the end of the world. While it’s not the most ideal situation, most people would rather you have a safe happy wedding, rather than one where you are stuck at the venue or worse, guests and vendors get into tragic accidents because of the bad weather.

Thanks so much for checking out the blog today, be sure to head over to my wedding video page, choose a style and start building your own wedding video that fits into your budget!

Is 4K wedding video worth the added cost in 2019?

Should you get 4K for your wedding video in 2019?

People today are pushing the limits with technology in their homes with 4K televisions and 7.1 surround sound systems and with that, some people want their wedding film on a 4K format as well. Since 2014, I’ve been offering my films in the 4K format and today I wanted to share with you some information about that service and see if it’s even worth the added cost in today’s marketplace.

So, what is 4K anyway?

I get that question a lot believe it or not and in layman’s terms, 4K has to do with the resolution size of the video. Most of you have heard of 1080p or 1080HD, well that’s the height of the image, being 1,080 pixels tall (1,920 wide), well 4K is four times the pixel resolution, it simple means that four times the amount of data can be shown on the screen.

More data, means a clearer picture, more detail in things that you generally see.

Why the added cost to have 4K?

Well, simply put, 4K is still a new technology and with that you must have video cameras, lens and memory cards that can all support the 4K video format.

It cost more, lots more. In addition to the added cost of the camera gear, you also must have a computer system fast enough to process those images, much more memory and hard drive space too.
For those techie types out there, 1080p normally runs at about 24 Mbps as where 4K records upwards of 110 Mpbs or higher.

Is 4K worth the added cost for my wedding video?

Well, it depends. You get much better video images, sharper, clearer video and if you have a 4K television, then you’ll be able to take advantage of that.

Since 2014 when I switched to 4K, I’ve only had three couples pay the added cost to film their wedding in 4K format.

4K video is still being adopted by couples and it’s not quiet there yet as a standard. Many television stations still broadcast in either 720p or 1080p, most cable outlets only provide 1080p and only a handful of vide on Amazon, YouTube and Netflix offer 4K. 

Most couples still do not have the internet speeds to comfortably stream 4K to their television sets at home.

The USB memory sticks I offer couples are USB 3.0 and they can handle 4K video much better than a USB 2.0 stick can. You can tell is your USB memory card is 2.0 or 3.0 based on the color of the inside dongle, faster USB cards have a blue color in them unlike the slower, older, 2.0 counterparts.

As newer technology comes to the US market like 6K and 8K, like they already have in Japan, we should see in increase in 4K wedding films and at some point, that should become the standard in all video.

So, if you’re a tech junkie and your purchasing a cinematic wedding film from me, then yes, paying extra to have it in 4K is worth the added cost. 

If you want a simply ceremony filmed or a traditional film as I still offer, then no, you most likely don’t need the additional cost.

Wedding Film Types at Roanoke Wedding Video

Wedding Film Types at Roanoke Wedding Video

I bet you didn’t know there are different types of wedding films that we offer here at Roanoke Wedding Video. Today, I want to go over the types of films that we cover and provide some additional details on them. 

This is a basic style shoot for weddings and it involves several different modules if you will. Depending on what you might hire me for you can get the opening montage, the ceremony, the transition montage, reception highlights, and a closing montage.

These modules help build a wedding video that can last 45 minutes to 2 hours long in some cases. 
The opening montage usually is a small 1-3-minute highlight film building up to the wedding day. It typically starts out with video from the venue and shows everyone getting ready and bringing the wedding day together, set to some soft easy music. 

From there, the ceremony is edited with two or more cameras and normally starts with the bridal party coming down the aisle and will stop once you, the couple, exits the church of venue.  It’s usually shot in 30 frames a second.

The transition montage is a 1-2-minute montage showing the couple, the family and friends getting photos done and making their way into the reception area.

The major reception highlights are filmed, usually with a light and camera, sometimes two such as the first dance. Beyond the highlights, it’s filled with various clips of people mingling, dancing and having fun.

After the last major reception piece, we do a 1-minute closing montage with a few slow-motion clips set to music.

This is a film that is usually narrated by the bride and groom, officiant or close friends of the couple.  It features many fluid-like shots that are typically color graded and set to some custom music that fits the couples.

The difference is that WOW factor as the cinematic film is much shorter than the traditional style wedding film, ranging from 4-16 minutes on average.

Since the film is a story of the couple getting married, shots throughout the day are used and many are in slow motion or various angles, using devices such as camera sliders, gimbals, and drones.
The cinematic film is a much larger production and there is much more time that goes into the creating one of these films.

They are designed to provoke an emotional response and many of them do just that.

Also, the cinematic style is a newer type of film within the wedding video industry, so there are many variants of the it and there are not standards with length, how they are done and each video company will offer different cinematic styles.

Finally, the cinematic style is by far the most popular type of wedding film in the industry and Roanoke Wedding Video also.

There is another style that I haven’t mentioned until now. It’s called the simple ceremony film and it’s just that.

Me, two cameras, a wireless microphone. It’s a no frills wedding film, just a simple slide in the beginning, fully edited and uploaded to YouTube on a private link.

This budget wedding film is perfect for couples that want a film but don’t want to pay for any bells and whistles.

While you can also add a few options like additional cameras or one of our wooden USB memory sticks with the wedding on it, the top end of the Simple Ceremony comes in at $950 with $450 being the standard price in 2019. 

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