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My name is Joshua and my friends call me "Gabe", I've been creating world class video productions since I started in the world of broadcasting in 1993. I've worked in broadcasting for a long time, including radio stations like WZBB-FM, WFIR-AM, WXLK-FM, television station WSLS, WFXR and private outlets like Cendrick Enterprises, Gabriel Productions and Smart Business Development. I even worked in Hollywood, NYC, Orlando and I also owned my own production company in the valley, Weddings in Roanoke. Today, I take on smaller, quality projects, part-time and I enjoy designing award winning films too, I have several under my belt over the years.

I cover all of SWVA including Roanoke, Lynchburg, the New River Valley, Covington and entire state of Virginia too! Thank you so much for checking out the website, feel free to contect me if you have a local video need such as a wedding video, a TV spot, a professional video for your website. Learn more about us by clicking here.

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Best Wedding Video Company in Roanoke

Best Wedding Video Company in Roanoke

You have several options to choose from here in the Roanoke Valley when it comes to weddings in Roanoke, but what to choose? Which is the best wedding video company to hire and why should it matter? 

Today, I want to spend a few minutes educating you on Roanoke Wedding Video and what makes us different. 

Wedding Video Experience

One of the first things that people don't realize about me is that I've been in the broadcasting industry most of my life. Full time or part time, it's in my bones. I love to film weddings, especially those where the couple is excited and happy their big day has arrived!

Having experience is much more than the technical aspect of knowing how to use a camera, it's a combination of that plus knowing the shakedown of a typical wedding and being prepared for those non-typical moments. 

20 years of experience has taught me one great thing, always be prepared. I never leave a camera out of reach when I'm filming, I always carry gear, like batteries, lens and memory cards. 

I even carry things most other filmmakers wouldn't typically, like a set of production light kits for example. Having a sot light on your DSLR is nice, but you never know when or where you might need a light kit, especially if its battery operated. 

Quality Films

Knowing what a client wants or likes is very important. I bring quality to my films over the years and I want my clients to be pleased with what they're getting. Offering a clear, professional wedding film isn't enough, you have to be able to envoke an emotion to your clients to get a quality film across. 

That doesn't always mean I will be using the toys in my video toolset, sometimes you can get by with just the basics and make an emotional film with great audio and great shots too. 

Part of quality weddings videos is the imagery, part of it is the audio and part is being able to tell a great story with everything that you have. It's those three components that make for a film that will be pleasing to just about all those that watch it. 

Bigger isn't always Better

Another thing that makes a great wedding videographer is the size of the company and how much they take on each year. 

Let me give you a little insight. 

When I had my full-time company a few years ago, Weddings in Roanoke, I wanted to be the biggest wedding videographer in the area. I was taking on clients left and right, upwards of 60 per year. And that's on top of the television commercials, business video and pageant films I was creating during the week. 

Needless to say, I became too big, too quickly and the quality of my work suffered. Even with hiring employees to help take on the work, it suffered. 

When I got back into wedding films in 2018, I told myself that I will not take on more than 15 wedding clients a year. And once 15 clients a year has been booked, I turn them away. See, this time around, I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it because I enjoy doing it. Don't get me wrong, I need to make some money and even put in new equipment as what I have gets used, but it's a passion that I have. 

If I take on a limited amount of work, I'll be able to give each wedding film the attention that it deserves, thus making a better quality film. 

I stopped competing with other Videographers

It's something that I've simply stopped doing, trying to compete with other competitors here in our region. 

Really, that's dumb?

But is it? I mean, the ONLY place that you're going to find me here. The only place that you can get one of my films is with me. Yes, I advertise a little, I blog a lot and I have a LOT of insights into the wedding industry here that I'm happy to share. 

I know the value of my worth and my wedding films. The only place you're going to be able to hire me is right here. If you choose another wedding video guy or gal, good for you. But you're missing out on much more when you skip over me and my work. 
Listen, that might out pompous or harsh, but the reality is there is plenty of work for the handful of competitors here in our region. 

I don't focus on getting the couple with a bigger pocketbook, it's first come, first serve with me. The couples that want to hire me for my services will, plain and simple. 

The Takeaway

When it comes to the best wedding video company in the Roanoke Valley, there are many factors to look at and to choose from. 

I recommend choosing a professional that will make you happy and one that has some experience under their belt too. If that's someone else, hey no problem here. I'd rather you have a professional wedding film from someone else rather than not having one at all. 

My 500th Wedding Film - Win a Gift Certificate

Win a $450 Gift Certificate 

Hi everyone, so my 500th wedding film is upon me here and in the coming months I will be meeting a couple that will be my 500th career wedding video! (I'm still a few away from 500 but will have it in the next few months) Wow, time flies when you're having fun!

To help celebrate, I'm going to be giving away two $450 gift certificates good for any of my wedding film services. Use it for my Simple Ceremony only film or put it towards a cinematic film of your dreams!

I will be selecting not one but two lucky couples on Jan 15th, 2019. To enter simply do the following four things below, it takes about 2 minutes tops: 

1. Fill out the online form below.
2. Give my Roanoke Video Facebook Page a like. 
3. Share our Facebook Page on your own Facebook page.
4. Give our build a wedding video tool  a try.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Jan 15, 2019, by social media and email. Odds of winning are determined by the number of entries received. You will be mailed a gift certificate to be used in either 2019 or 2020. Valued at $450. 

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Why a Wedding Package is Wrong For You!

Why Wedding Packages are NOT a Smart Idea to Buy

Hi friends, I hope that things are well in your neck of the woods today! As a lifelong wedding videographer here in Roanoke, VA, I've learned something the hard way and that is a wedding package is not always the best choice out there, not for the couple getting married OR the vendor such as myself. 

Today, I want to explain a bit why you might want to think twice about buying a package and choose something custom. It can save you money in the long run. 

The Couple Looking To Hire

You know after years of selling wedding video packages, it finally dawned on me, why am I doing this? I can't think of another industry where buying a package of something is the normal thing, so why shouldn't weddings be the same? 

Take for example a couple that I recently met in Bedford, James, and Samantha. They were looking for a wedding video for their upcoming 2019 wedding and when we sat down, I went over everything I did, then went over my packages, prices, and extras. 

Well, the couple had a budget of about $2,100, but nothing that I had in the form of my packages fit their budget. I explained that my packages were set and that the closest thing to that was either $1,800 or $2,400. James simply asked me, "Why do we have to pick something that doesn't match our budget?". 

Well, it's a great question. 

Back to the Drawing Board

After I met with them, I started to think more about that. Looking at other industries, like cars and trucks, for example, you can literally build a vehicle the way you want, a price that fits you. The same applies to furniture, electronics and a whole bunch of other things.  

From the couples that are getting married and their point of view, it seems better to take a budget number and find something best that wraps around that number. 

I went and looked at everything that I offered and stripped it down to the bare basics, me, a camera or two and a wireless mic. Take any of those away and I can't make a film. 

Everything else is really extra, wedding teasers, custom music, additional cameras and operators, drones, sliders and all the toys that I bring, even the format type can be changed. 

So, in December of 2018, I changed everything to an a la carte system that allows you to build your wedding video. You simply pick which type of video that you want, the traditional documentary style or cinematic style.

Beyond that base cost, you pick and choose what you want.

After separating out everything, I found that from James and Samantha's point of view, they could then build out the video that they wanted and also keep out the things that they didn't care about. 

The ONLY package I offer is the Simple Ceremony Package. It's me, two cameras, wireless mic that's edited between the two cameras and uploaded to a private YouTube link.

Otherwise, everything is custom built so my clients benefit far better than a couple that buys a package they have to settle with.

Less Work For the Professional Too

The other thing that dawned on me was the fact that I don't have to do additional workload for things that the couple might not want.

Going back to James here for a moment, I remember him asking me about changing the Blu-Ray to a memory stick because they didn't have a Blu-Ray player and getting a film on that medium was pointless. 

Well, in order to put the film on Blu-Ray, you have to render it for that type of disk, burn it, have the disk silk printed, have the cover printed and ship it. Sounds easy, but that's an easy two to three-hour process. 

Why do all that if the couple won't use it? 

It's hours wasted for the vendor when the couple really wants something else. Another reason why a package might not be worth the cost to either party. 

This started to make sense and after I switched up the packages that I offered to let couples build a custom wedding video, I found that couples tended to enjoy the process better than having to settle. 

It's Win-Win for All Parties

I have seen other companies in Southwestern Virginia use this method and it seems to work great for them. I know of a couple of venues in the area like Silver Hearth Lodge for example that do this very thing and many times the couple comes out with more money in their pocket and the venue puts on an event to their specification. 

I will say that I do a much better job of explaining to couples why they might want to consider additional options like a third camera at the ceremony, a live streaming option or the wedding opener for the traditional video. Each option or extra has a benefit and for some, it's worth the added cost, to others, not so much. 

Take your time going through everything and if you need it explained in detail, just ask. Vendors are happy to help explain everything that they offer, even if you choose not to get that option. 

Want to give my a la carte service a try? Just build your video below and send it to me, I'll be happy to meet with you guys over coffee one evening (my treat btw), help answer questions that you might have and go over my contract. 

Wedding Video Formats

Wedding Film Format Examples

Video formats have changed dramatically in the last several years and they continue to change today. I wanted to share with you just a little bit about those changes and give you some insights on whats popular today and even whats to come. 

4:3 Standard Definition (Think an old tube TV)

4:3 example of a wedding
Up until the turn of the century, tube televisions were the popular standard here in the United States. Everyone had a 4:3 NTSC tube television. The ratio, 4:3, means that its 4 units wide by 3 units high. Usually when you went to purchase one, they indicated a inch size, which was measured from one corner to the opposite corner.

The video had bad resolution too,  just 525 lines on a TV, 480 were visible. At best, you would get a washed out looking wedding film, the advancement of digitizing the video helped to some degree, such as DVD's or hard drive video, but it was hard to see everything and editing was also a pain.

16:9 High Definition 

Around the year 2000, HD came into the United States market place and along with it came better
16:9 example of the same wedding
cameras. Many went from a SVHS format to a digital format, like DVCPro. This made the wedding films much wider, able to see a little more than twice the amount of data on the screen.

This was a huge improvement over the low resolution 480p that people were a custom to having in their homes. Many broadcast networks were making the switch to HD, offering both standard and high definition programming.

Today in wedding videos and films, HD is the standard for most couples, offering the video on a memory stick or a Blu-Ray. (DVD is not an HD video, its just a digital form of the 4:3) Most wedding videographers are going to offer this format as the standard, filmed mostly in 24 frames a second or 30 frames a second.

4K or Ultra High Definition 

4K video started to take shape in the US market about 2014. Many wedding videographers made the switch to purchasing newer gear that would support this type of video, but there are some downfalls to it's use.

First, it takes up 4 times the amount of data. While this gives you an amazing clear image, it's horrible on data size. In addition to buying special high speed SD cards, you also need a high end PC capable of processing the data too.

In the US today, less than 10% of couples are choosing this premium to have their wedding filmed, that according to a poll I did in a wedding filmmakers Facebook group.

Cinematic or Anamorphic Film Formats 

Some wedding video pros like myself offer their HD or 4K video in whats called a cinematic format. You often see this style of video with black bars on the top or bottom of your television set. Often called anamorphic format, its like the 16:9 but chopped a bit at a 2.35.1 ratio.

This format is becoming a very popular choice among couples, especially those that want to show their film online.

It appears to show a bit more on the sides of the video but in reality it doesn't. This format is exactly
the same as the local movie theater and it gives the wedding film a true cinematic feel. There usually is a small up-charge for this because of the rendering time as well as having to re-crop several of the shots to make everything fit.

I personally like this format the best when making wedding films, but it's completely up to the couple to decide if they want that or not.

8K Video

8K resolution refers to any screen or display with around 8000 pixels width. 8K UHD is the current highest ultra high definition television (UHDTV) resolution in digital television and digital cinematography. 8K in 8K UHD refers to the horizontal resolution of 7,680 pixels, forming the total image dimensions of (7680×4320), also known as 4320p, which refers to the vertical resolution.

8K UHD has twice as many horizontal and twice as many vertical pixels as 4K UHD, as well as four times the linear resolution of 1080p (Full HD), and six times the linear resolution of 720p.

Currently, camera systems that have the ability to feature 8K are very expensive and they have limitations of recording for long periods of time, like your ceremony. Right now, no one offers 8K wedding films and to be honest no one in the US is broadcasting in 8K either. 

Are the BEST Wedding Deals at Wedding Shows?

Are the BEST Deals at an SWVA Wedding Show?

So, you're ready to head out to a local bridal show here in SWVA, that's a great way to meet some of the areas wedding vendors, see various themes and styles for your big day and it's a way to see what's hot and what's not.

Many couples that attend these shows are looking for a great deal on wedding services, but there are some hidden things that you should know about when you attend these shows.

Today, I want to share with you some insights on what these shows are all about and if they're it for you as well as the wedding vendor.

Years ago, I used to attend as many wedding shows as I could, wanting to get my brand in front of as many couples as possible.

While that's a great thing for a wedding videographer such as myself, it cost a lot of money to attend these shows.

Usually, a larger wedding show in the Roanoke area can cost upwards of $1,000 or more, plus your time to set up and break down.

When you're attending a wedding show, wedding vendors will put on their best faces possible and many will offer you a great deal on their services. But, those deals are not always the best routes to buy when you're looking for a vendor like me.

When I used to do shows, I would often times create a special wedding package just for the event, something to motive couples to sign up or at least meet with me. The package, however, was a limited version of what I normally offered. Many of the other vendors would do something similar.

While going to wedding shows are wonderful, don't buy anything at them, rather ask to set up a meeting with the vendor for a couple weeks down the road. The idea is to get you to think about their services, just don't jump the gun and buy a service just because something looks like a good deal.

I actually stopped going to large wedding shows because they cost time and money and for the ROI, I might get one or two clients if I'm lucky.

It's a lot of work to set up beforehand and try to sell at a costly wedding show.

Today, if I do a show, it's one that doesn't cost anything. I've found that I get more business when I do smaller wedding shows at venues than I do the larger shows.

Those larger ones are making money hand over fist, to begin with the usually the people that put them on are simply in it for the money.

Think about it this way. Say you have 40 vendors at $1,000 each, plus you have 3,000 couples that come into the show for a price of $5 each ($10 per couple). They'll make $55,000 minus the fees to rent the civic centers which are actually pretty cheap, around $3,5,000 per event. Not bad for just putting on a local show or two a year.

For the Couple to Think About

If you want to really grab the best deals on a wedding vendor, contact them during the offseason to get a small discount. Even if you have a summer wedding, contact and book them in the late fall to winter, that's the best time to score a venue, a photographer, a pastor, catering, florist and a videographer like me.

NEVER book at a wedding show. The purpose of the show is to get inspired, grab business cards and information and to setup a personal meeting later down the road. Then, after you meet with them, you can decide if hiring the company (or person) is right for the job. 
Always ask about other packages that they might have that's not at a wedding show. Now, I WILL tell you that there are some exceptions, like wedding dresses and even jewelry dealers, those are a bit different because you're buying a tangle item. Also, check out the various giveaways a company might be having, those are worth the costs to put your contact information into the boxes.

I do typically work with other vendors and offer a $500 gift certificate at those shows from time to time, working with another vendor to help promote me by giving the vendor something of value to giveaway. It's a win-win for all of us.

Finally, I want to relay that a wedding show isn't bad, but for everyone type of vendor you do see there, there are several others that you don't see. Once you go to those shows, go home and research them online, seek out their value and see who is right for you. Always have a meeting or at least a phone call to get to know the people that are going to work at your wedding.

Should You Tip Your Wedding Vendor?

Should You Tip Wedding Vendors? 

Most couples that are getting married might think about tipping a wedding vendor such as myself. Well, the truth of it is that only about 1 in every 15 couples will tip you for your services, it's not always cash and while the thought is nice, we don't expect a tip for what we do.

If you Don't Tip a Wedding Vendor

Listen, don't sweat it if you don't tip us, it's truly a nice gesture if we do get a small tip but because we are the hired help for the day, we're here to make your wedding day the best it can be. If we go home at the end of the night without a tip we're not mad and honestly we're just happy to be apart of the wedding.

As a wedding videographer, I usually get tipped or gifted with something fun and cool for my office about once or twice a year.

If you Do Tip a wedding Vendor

Hey, that's great. It shows that you truly appreciate the value in what we do as professionals.  Tips don't always come in the form of cash, they can be a fun related gift or nick nack.

A few years ago I received a very cool coffee mug that looked just like a camera lens, both me and wedding photographer got them and they were pretty cool.

Another couple gave me a very cool picture with Dr. Seuss and a quote that he had.

In either case, it was very thoughtful and it does make our day a bit easier too.

Well, sorry for the short article today friends, hey tipping a wedding pro is a very straight forward thing and there not much to it. Enjoy the rest of your day and be sure to check out my custom wedding video design tool too!

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