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The Biggest Regrets That Couples Had for their Wedding Day in SWVA

What Most Newlywed's Regret NOT doing at Their Wedding

Getting married can be a challenge wading through all the vendors, budgets, and family drama that can sometimes get in the way. 

As a well-seasoned videographer here in the Roanoke Valley, I've seen just about everything under the sun when it comes to weddings and I do lots of research in my spare time to figure out what couple like and didn't like about their wedding. 

Well, if you follow my webpage here, then you'll note that a few months ago I asked couples here in our area about their wedding experience, either those in the process of getting married or those that were already married. 

Today, I'd like to share with you those results and give you some valuable feedback on what couples in Southwestern Virginia wish they had done.  

Wish They Knew Before Hand

Of the nearly 487 couples that took our annual survey this year, we found again for the 7th year in the row in our survey the number one thing couples wish they had, a wedding video. 

#1 Regret 
76% of couples married wish they had hired a wedding videographer. The main reason, they said it brings a 3rd dimension to the wedding, you can see it in motion and hear everything, unlike photos which they said it was more of a 2D or 2-dimensional point of view. 

When asked why they didn't hire a wedding videographer, to begin with, nearly 44% said they didn't think about it while those that did said they thought it was too expensive. (Actually, Roanoke Video is the value leader in wedding films in our area and is comparable to anyone in our market, visit our wedding page to see our prices starting at just $450. Yes, $450.)

Having a wedding film is by far the most important piece of the wedding, yet it's overlooked time and time again. ~ Joshua Gabrielson Owner | Roanoke Video

#2 Regret

Another thing that couples said they regret was drinking too much and drinking too early. Almost 68% of couples said they wish they had not drunk anything until after their dinner service. Most said they started drinking too early in the morning before their ceremony. 

#3 Regret  

Coming in at number 3 on our list is the toast or lack thereof by the couple themselves. Many couples in our survey wish they had given a toast to their parents at the wedding for helping guide them through the wedding day itself but almost 62% of couples didn't give that any thought. 

Many couples didn't think about also allowing their parents to give a speech considering they had perhaps helped pay for the wedding or was a large part in helping to organize it. 

#4 Regret

Wishing the couple had hired a Wedding planner came in at number 4 on the list and 59% of our local couples surveyed wished they hired someone professional to do their wedding. That means that almost 6 in 10 couples had a family member or someone else helps direct the wedding or simply didn't have anyone at all. 

While wedding planners are plentiful in our area, I recommend hiring one just to keep the flow of the wedding going. Additionally, they are a huge help with vendors like myself, wedding photographers, catering folks and others that are apart of the big day. 

#5 Regret

Couples having regrets with more candid and more variations of family pictures together came in at number 5 with 39%. 

When asked to be more specific about their answer, many brides said they wished they had pictures with single siblings, with each parent separate etc, instead of group family pictures. 

Couples also indicated they wish they had a better variety of images during the wedding. 

They wish they had candid images of the couple themselves without it being faked, almost if the couple was the only ones around, kissing each other, holding each other and the like. 

The Other Top 5 Regrets

Other regrets couples talked about included wishing they had bought a wedding dress from a local shop, not a national chain, wishing they had sampled the caterers food, wishing they picked a better DJ for their reception, wishing they had spent less on a wedding venue and live streaming the ceremony for their grandparents and great-grandparents that couldn't attend in person rounded up the top 10. 

34% Buying the Wedding Dress Locally instead of a national chain
29% Wishing they tatsted the cater's food before hiring
22% Wishing they hired a better DJ for the wedding
19% Picking a less expensive wedding venue in the Roanoke Valley
9% Wishing they had live streamed the wedding for family that couldn't attend

Be sure to check back often on the website here for great tips, insights and Roanoke area wedding trends that I provide to couples on a regular basis!

Joshua is a life long video and audio professional with hundreds of professional films under his belt. Joshua works filming television commercials, wedding films, broadcasts, business video and much more.

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