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The Pros and Cons of Wedding Video

Pros and Cons of Having a Wedding Video

I bet you're thinking to yourself, "why would you be telling me about the cons of a wedding video, you're a wedding videographer...". 

While there are many pros to having a wedding film, yes, there are a few cons to it that you might want to think about. Having a wedding film is not for everyone after-all, but today, I'm going to share with you some of the major pros and cons of having one. 

Most couples will agree that wedding videography, while certainly nice to have, is often considered more of a splurge than a necessity. 

What fewer people know, though, is that wedding videography actually runs the gamut of pricing. You can shell out big bucks for a full day's worth of video coverage, or you can hire a videographer to capture just your ceremony. Many times you can score a great deal if during the right time of year or if there is a money saving package. 

But if your budget is already tight, how do you know if hiring a videographer—for any length of time—is really worth it? 

Here, when wedding videography is most definitely worth it, and when it's probably not.

Pro: To see the moments you missed.

Wedding video coverage allows you to see some of the stuff you missed. 

Maybe you skipped cocktail hour because you were off taking sunset portraits, or maybe you wanted to see the look on your spouse's face when they opened your wedding gift while getting ready. 

Video coverage could allow you to see some of these moments for yourself.

Con: When the budget is already spread thin.

If you're struggling with a tight budget already, the video could tip you over the edge. It can cost just as much as—if not more than—photography. 

Editing wedding footage down to a highlight reel is an extensive, time-consuming process and the best videographers in the business have prices that reflect their status, mine included. 

You might consider postponing the hiring process and making it a last-minute addition, but the best videographers book far in advance, so you don't want to wait too late in the game to hire someone.

Also, you can build your wedding video with our a la carte services and see for yourself how much it would cost. It might be worth looking into.

Pro: When you want to relive your favorite moments.

Video coverage means you'll get to relive some of your favorite wedding moments, whether it's the vows you exchanged, your dad's speech, or the first look. 

And the best part is you'll be able to share these moments with your friends and family again and again. 

Maybe you'll even show the video to your kids someday. Plus, you'll watch it more often than you think you would—it's a great way to mark anniversaries.

Con: When you're especially camera shy.

Take this advice with a grain of salt, especially because most seasoned videographers are well-versed in the art of inconspicuous film-making: 

If you're particularly nervous around cameras, videography might not be for you as it can be overwhelming to have multiple lenses in your face on the big day. It's not for everyone and I get that. -Joshua | Owner Roanoke Video

The sound equipment could also be a bit of a bother, so you'll want to check with any pros you're considering what he/she typically uses to capture voices. I typically try to remain as unobtrusive as possible when filming, the day needs to be about you getting married and not me doing my job. 

Worth it: When you care about capturing the full mood of the day.

There are some things that even the best photography just can't capture. 

Video picks up that slack by recording movement—say, your coordinated first dance or the kids walking down the aisle—and sounds, like your best friend giving her wedding toast. 

It also captures the mannerisms and personalities of the people you love.

Listen, having a wedding film isn't for everyone and I truly get that. 

Sometimes it's a budget issue, sometimes it's an issue of being shy or introverted and you don't like the attention. 

Of the couples that I meet with 9 out of 10 of them will hire me for a wedding film, that one couple will change their mind simply because it's not for them. 

I will tell you, however, having a wedding video actually will compliment your wedding photos and those that get a wedding film of some type tend to be much happier that they hired a pro. 

Joshua is a life long video and audio professional with hundreds of professional films under his belt. Joshua works filming television commercials, wedding films, broadcasts, business video and much more.

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