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Wedding Budget and How Much it should be in the Roanoke Valley

What Your Wedding Budget Should be in the Roanoke Valley

Figure out Who Is Helping Contribute

When it comes to starting to create an effective wedding budget here in this part of Virginia, one of the first things you need to do is first figure out who is going to pay for the wedding.

This could be any combination of people, sometimes it’s all yourself, sometimes your parents might help, maybe you take on a second job to help cover the expenses or maybe you are considering getting a wedding loan in order to pay for your wedding.

While the money portion of your wedding might be an awkward thing to talk about with family, it’s important to know how you plan to pay for your wedding day along with all the features that come with it.

Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of “Sorry, I’d love to help but I can’t” from friends or family, not all families can simply pay for it out of pocket.

Crunch the Numbers

The real question for you and your soon to be spouse is How much can you realistically afford to spend on your wedding? 

Here in the Roanoke Valley, most couples spend on average $17,500 for their wedding. Now, that’s with all the bells and whistles and it included the honeymoon.

You really need to sit down and figure out how much you’re willing to pay, even if its over time.  Look at your savings, monthly income and other avenues of income such as a part time job.

Once you have that ballpark budget, you can start to figure out your vendors.

Choosing Your Non-Negotiables

You and your fiance will probably have differing opinions as to which wedding items are worth splurging on.

Maybe your fiance wants an open bar, but you'd prefer to avoid getting your guests drunk in favor of spending the money on a 5-course gourmet meal. Part of being in a marriage is simply give and take, so use your wedding as an opportunity to learn to master this.

In any case, you'll each need to answer this question: What wedding items are at the very top of your priority list?

Figure it out and then budget for those two items immediately. (Of course, if you have deeper pockets, you can each pick more than one.)

Once you decide your top priorities, you can allot a bigger percentage of your budget to them—which will also solidify how much you'll have left for the other wedding items that aren't so super important to you. 

Your Guest Count

The cost of a wedding is pretty much based on guest count. (Read that sentence again and let it soak in.) The number of guests in attendance will determine not only the size of your venue, but also how much food and alcohol you'll have to provide (which, by the way, just happen to be two of the biggest wedding expenses).

Looking at your wedding as a "per-person" expenditure will help put the costs into perspective.

Your guest count will generate the number of items you'll need to pay for—including invitations, table and chair rentals, cake slices, and wedding favors.

Research, Research, Research

There are a lot of costs, both obvious and hidden, that you'll have to consider before nailing down where your wedding budget will ultimately land. 

For example, you often can't just buy the wedding cake; you're required to pay a cutting fee with some vendors. 

And you don't pay just the venue rental fee; there may also be setup and breakdown charges. And, there's a whole slew of vendors you'll be expected to tip. Do you see where I’m going with this?

It's no wonder that wedding budgets often get blown out of the water! So, educate yourselves about "hidden" costs—you'll have fewer surprises and be able to stick closer to your bottom line.

One of the things that I’ve done with my wedding film business is removed my packages and made everything a la carte, this way the client get to design a film that they want and they are happy with. And even better, there are no hidden costs either.

You'll also need to know the price of things in your chosen geographical area and season. Obviously, a wedding in LA hotel is going to cost more than one in a public park here in Roanoke.

Same goes for hosting your wedding on a Saturday in June versus a Wednesday in March. Do your research on the type of wedding you want, be honest as to whether it fits into your budget and adjust your plan accordingly. 

Planning your wedding can be a fun thing if you start with a budget and try your best to follow it. If you have trouble with it, you can always hire a wedding planner and have them help you too. 

Speaking of planning, get your estimated cost on a wedding video by selecting the items below and send me an email with the results. I'm happy to work with you on a film that will meet your budget. 

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