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Wedding Videography in Roanoke

Wedding Videography in Roanoke

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Joshua and I'm a life long broadcaster and wedding videographer here in the Roanoke Valley. 

I've been producing award-winning films for more than 23 years in total, about 19 years in weddings and I can tell you one thing, couples LOVE to get married in our beautiful neck of the woods. From small, intimate weddings to full blown over-the-top ceremonies, I've filmed just about everything in between. 

Today, I wanted to share with you a quick tidbit about wedding video in general that will help you make a great decision when it comes to a film. 

First, let met tell you that you need a wedding film. Even if it isn't from me, hire a competitor. Yes, hire someone to film your wedding day. I mean, yes I would love for you to hire me, but even if you don't, get a wedding video. 

PLEASE don't rely on people with iPhones or Android phones, I'm going to tell you that if you don't get a wedding video, you will regret it. 

I recently did an article about our annual survey and the number one thing that couples regretted about their wedding day after the fact, yes, a wedding video. Read the article about the biggest wedding regrets in Southwestern Virginia

Tara, a former bride turned newlywed didn't hire me for my services, actually, she didn't any wedding videographer and she regretted it. In fact, she wrote back to me long after her wedding and deciding not to have a film. While she loved her photos she really wished she had some sort of film to relive over and over. 

What Makes Roanoke Video Unique

After working for a couple of wedding video companies over the years and even running my own production studio called Weddings in Roanoke, today, I take on a much different approach to what I do. 

I give couples complete control over what they want by offering complete a la carte services. You get to build your own wedding day film that fits into your budget. 

You want four cameras for the ceremony, sure. You want just the one and no editing, okay! You want a drone, a full camera crew with 4 of us to create a cinematic master piece that will have people jealous of you, yup we can do that too. 

Give our build a wedding video a try today and see how much it will cost us to do a wedding day film for you!

Aside from being able to crate a custom film that will fit into your budget (not the other way around), I have two decades of experience here in our area. 

Experience is key when it comes to filming and editing your wedding day. I mean you can't relive the day over and over so us professionals have to get everything right, the first time. Having the experience means that very little mistakes will be made perfecting your video. Just something to think about when looking for a professional. 

Meet with Me

I would love to meet with you over coffee or a beverage here in Roanoke one evening after work. I always love getting to know couples and see how they met, how they feel in love and I love to see how they play off each other too. 

Feel free to contact me using the form below if you want to talk further about how I can help your wedding day experience be the best on video for you to watch time and time again!


Joshua Gabrielson
Roanoke Video

Joshua is a life long video and audio professional with hundreds of professional films under his belt. Joshua works filming television commercials, wedding films, broadcasts, business video and much more.

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