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Did you know that YouTube is the number two most popular website in the world? Wonder why that is in the first place?

Well, that's easy, we are visual creatures

We use our eyes to move from one place to another, to visualize something on paper be it works, art or a sketch of something. We use our eyes to conduct our lives and without sight, life would be pretty difficult. 

When thinking about a video to be used in your business or organization, you want it to be meaningful, entertaining and to also serve a purpose, to educate.  

An educational video or educational series of videos can help potential customers and clients learn more about your business, what it does and what sorts of things it entails. Video also builds trust because people can put a face with a name, they can hear what you have to say and you are also providing them with good, usable information. 

Roanoke Video Productions is pleased to offer educational videos for your business, your school or organization to consider. Think about this. Say you were in a room with ALL your competitors on one side of a table and a customer was on the other side. The customer is going to pick one of you for their product or service needs and each of you has two minutes to get your points across using a video. 

What would you put into that video? 

Well for starters you would want to put information about your company, but beyond that, you want to educate customers on why your business is better, is different than all the rest. Think about questions to put in front of your customer that the other competitors can't say yes too but you can. It's a way of eliminating everyone on the table leaving you standing. 

For example, there are two Mexican Restaurants near each other and each one is really good to eat at. The first one offers something that no other does, an unlimited salsa bar, so the owner poses the question in the video to the customer, "Wheres the ONLY place where you can get FREE, unlimited chips and salsa with 15 different types of salsa? ABC Mexican of course!"

We understand these small, subtitle yet very important physiological business tactics that can help create an important video. You build trust in the process and you also show your customer what makes you different than anyone else. By doing so, you are shaping their motive to hire you instead the guy down the street and THAT'S powerful information

Want to know more about how we create educational videos that impact your companies bottom line? Send us a message below and reach out to us.


For one educational video 1-2 minutes long, $1,200 finished.
For five educational videos 1-2 minutes long, $3,500 finished.
For 5-10 educational videos 1-2 minutes long, $5,000 finished.


  • Storyboarding
  • Writing
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Music/Audio editing
  • Professional Lighting
  • Graphics and lower thirds (names at bottom of screen and logo/bug)
  • Filming in 1080HD
  • Filmed in 4K is an additional charge.

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