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Real Estate video is a VERY popular and powerful tool-set to have when it comes to showcasing your real estate properties. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques in developing the right video for your selling needs. From basic walk through films to complete showcase pieces, a video can make all the difference.

Since we also work with MLS and the Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors, we understand that videos need to be two fold, branded and unbranded. We want you to excel in offering properties and any advantage that you can have over your competitor, take it!

We're currently working with a few real estate agents int he area and we're always looking to team up with a few more.

If you have the skill set to step above and beyond the next person in the real estate market, contact us to see what we can provide for you in becoming an exclusive video company for your agency or a go-to as needed video provider.

Straight forward pricing information: 

Pricing for a real estate video start at $125 per video and ranges upwards of $500 on the very high end. Most videos will average $125-150 per video. We also offer flat rates for dedicated film use per month for your agency should you want to hire us for the entire office. Turn around time is about 48 hours on average. Additional charges apply for professional voice over.

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