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When it comes to web video, you want to think very short clips with powerful, fast information. Today more than ever, we are bombarded by tons of video on the internet, social media, Google searches, even in emails and posts, it's everywhere.

The key to success however isn't so much what it said as how it comes across. Speed is definitely a factor in web video, if it doesn't spark your interest within the first few seconds, people will stop the video or just keep scrolling. It's lost revenue within what you are trying to accomplish, reaching people effectively and quickly.

We offer some great, affordable solutions to reaching tens of thousands of people with a web series of videos. Sometimes they are just basic spots similar to a TV commercial, other times they are comical and even viral, which reaches a vast audience because of something humorous or important. Web video is under :60 seconds in length and we offer flat rate pricing which includes filming, editing, lighting, audio, etc.

Rates for Web Video

Under :30 seconds is a flat rate of $350
Under :60 seconds is a flat rate of $650 

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